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Fatigue laws to be reviewed for Professional Drivers

Fatigue laws to be reviewed for Professional Drivers

Give 'Professional Drivers' of the Transport Industry the ability to decide when they are fatigued and improve the industry overall so it is safe.

Why is this important?

Everyday for the past week or so I have read about incidents/crashes involving trucks and cars. Obviously your new laws to curb such incidents is not working and failing dismally. I urge you to reevaluate the newly implemented fatigue laws. No one can dictate to another human being when they will or not be fatigued and require sleep. That includes all motor vehicle drivers. But you haven't implemented a log book and mandatory hours for car or motor bike riders/drivers. This morning 28 February 2014 a young man of just 24 died in a truck incident. How many more injuries or deaths are you going to ignore before you do something proactive? These Professional Drivers have spent anywhere from a year to 30 on our major highways and roads working 7days a week. Did anyone bother to consult them? They are the ones who know when they need a break, they are the ones who keep this country moving. Would it not better to consult with these men and women now and yes the log book to remain but to give them some leniency. As working adults the ability to decide. I recently travelled on the Pacific Highway and was absolutely astounded by the number of trucks on the highway now compared to 10-15years ago. I was also shocked at the amount of car drivers who have no regard for these massive vehicles and take the utmost stupid risks not only endangering their lives but that of other road users. Granted there needs to be a regulatory body that oversees this industry but it should be made up of Professional Drivers past and present. Not people who sit behind desks that have not spent one day on the road as a truck driver. This country of ours is going down hill at a rapid rate. We need to stand behind the men and women who drive these trucks as without them your fruit and vegetables would not make it to the supermarket or green grocery, there would be no fuel and the list goes on. Its not as simple as some of you think e.g. just transport it by train. How do you propose to get it from the train to the relevant stores? Horse and carriage ? Truck Drivers keep this country moving and they need us now to show our support to them. I urge you to sign this petition for the safety of these Truck drivers and the safety of all road users.

Reasons for signing

  • I agree with the majority of articles that others have submitted. As a shift worker in the aviation industry for over thirty years, I am also subjected to similar rules concerning "fatigue management". Why should I be incorrectly told when I should be fatigued by some academic who has never done proper shiftwork and studies the sleep (not when awake and working) patterns of young volunteer university students?
  • No book or so called educated moron can tell when a person is sleepy or not. The only person who knows the truth is the person themselves. We need to be able to sleep when we are tired and drive when we are not.
  • Each of us is made unique, we all require different amounts of sleep to regulate and dictate when we should sleep and have a regulated break is causing stress and fatigue on drivers..The laws and log books do not allow for road works, accidents, breakdown etc..and the fines are criminal..tell me another job where you get fined up to $6,000.00 for not carrying paperwork!! This is crippling our drivers and taking food off there families plates. Please, some commonsense has to come into it.


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