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To: South Australian Minister for Transport, Stephen Mullighan

Fair Public Transport Fares

Fair Public Transport Fares

Dear Minister Mullighan,

Please grant free public transport to low-income people during interpeak times, late nights, and weekends.

Why is this important?

Low-income people in South Australia are doing it tough. With unemployment continuing to rise, it is important we do what we can to ease cost-of-living pressures for those out of work, and others on income support payments - most of whom live below the poverty-line.

Granting free public transport to low-income people (those on a concession or healthcare card) during interpeak times, late nights, and weekends (a benefit currently enjoyed only by seniors), will allow job-seekers, students, carers, single parents, and Disability Pensioners to have increased mobility.

These groups will not only find it easier to attend their classes, Centrelink appointments, and job interviews, but will find it easier to participate in all facets of cultural and social life, like visiting loved ones. Being excluded and isolated, because you cannot afford to catch the bus or train, is not only bad for someone's mental health - it is bad for the entire community.

"I would be able to stay a whole lot more connected to the community if I didn't have to worry about the cost of public transport. Most weeks I am a few days without money, so making it to different events can really depend on what day of the week it is. If it is for my son's appointments in the city, I always make sure the money will be there as I know about them three months prior. There is no difference between $5 and $2.60 when you have no money." - Sarah Pinkie

"As an unemployed person who struggles to pay rent each week, the added cost of public transport fares means I do not venture anywhere that I can not walk to. The cost of catching public transport is an added cost I cannot afford. I am just lucky I live across the road from a major shopping centre and within walking distance of Centrelink and my employment services provider, otherwise I have no idea how I would attend appointments." - Kat Lee

Reasons for signing

  • It's too expensive, enough said
  • The reason lots of people do not use public transport in Adelaide is because it is so inefficient. Add to this that it is costly and you can see why people do not want to pay high fares for an inefficient system. Reduce fares and people will start to use the service. After that make it more efficient
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to be able to get around.


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