Dear Premier,

We want a fair funding system for our children with special needs. The new funding system in NSW does not consider individual children or their needs. The system is broken and we need real resources and funds to fix it, the latest shake up in funding is simply moving deck chairs on the makes little difference the ship is still sinking.

The parents and carers of children with special needs in NSW know there is a real problem, we want more support for our children. We do not expect some schools to gain funding while others lose it. Inclusive education is just that, inclusive. However, our children need to be supported and nurtured in an education system that meets their needs not one that simply balances the books and counts the beans.

Why is this important?

Children in NSW have a right to an education, one that meets their needs. The number of children with special needs educated in mainstream schools is growing rapidly, so much so the cost of educating them is growing at a rate of 11% per year. This funding "shake up" is simply robbing Peter to pay Paul. It provides nothing extra for our communities most vulnerable children, it simply doesn't meet their needs. Some schools will be considerably worse off under this funding model, Braddock Public School's funding will drop from $237,026 to $142,634.80. How is this fair?

Governments elected by the people have an obligation to work for and represent the people. They have an even greater responsibility when it comes to the most vulnerable people in the community. Short changing our most vulnerable and needy children is not taking this responsibility seriously.

Support our most needy children and sign this petition today.