To: Premier Colin Barnett



Dear Premier Barnett,

The Community and Public Sector Union/ Civil Service Association of WA, on behalf of state public sector workers, have been negotiating with your representatives for a new Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement (General Agreement) since October 2013.

Despite negotiations being underway for several months, you have not yet provided your employees with an offer for their pay and conditions.

Under your Government Wages Policy you have said that you will offer a maximum pay and conditions increase of Treasury’s ‘projected Perth CPI’ to public sector workers.

Yet in negotiations for the General Agreement your representatives have refused to reveal how this projection is calculated.

If the Consumer Price Index measures ‘the change in the price of a fixed basket of goods and services’ retrospectively, how do you plan to predict future changes?

If you expect public sector workers to enter into negotiations with you in good faith, then we ask you to be open and transparent with us.

Premier Barnett, workers need an offer they can trust. We urge you to provide a fair offer for the pay and conditions of public sector workers and reveal your method for projecting Perth CPI so that the negotiations for the General Agreement may move forward in an open and positive manner.

Why is this important?

Western Australia’s public sector workers keep our schools and education system running, care for the most vulnerable children in our society, ensure our roads and communities are safe, and provide many other services that we rely on in our daily lives.

Some of these workers are currently trying to negotiate with the Barnett government to ensure they can keep up with the rising cost of living. However, despite months of negotiations, Colin Barnett has not made an offer for the pay and conditions of these workers, and has said he will offer a maximum pay and conditions rise of Treasury’s ‘projected Perth CPI’. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), however, is calculated based on retrospective prices, so how can Barnett predict the future?

Public sector workers keep our state running, and as such deserve to be able to keep up with the rising cost of living in WA. We are asking Barnett to be honest with these workers about how he plans to project CPI, and enter into negotiations in good faith. Come on, Barnett – that’s only fair.

Reasons for signing

  • bloody fair go the aussie way
  • Fair pay and conditions
  • fair deal..that's all we want..


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