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To: Rob Stokes, Minister for Education

Fair choice for families on religion and ethics

Fair choice for families on religion and ethics

Immediate action is needed on the NSW public school enrolment form.
NSW Labor says they will change the form if elected.
The Government agrees that parents should be able to choose religious or secular lessons (quote from Rob Stokes in the Sydney Morning Herald, 10 June).
If both parties agree - let's make the change now!

Why is this important?

A change to the enrolment form is the best way to provide families with all options upfront and to respect the right of families to choose what's best for their children.
It's imperative that no more children be swept up in the current system that disadvantages children from non-religious backgrounds or minority religious groups.

Reasons for signing

  • The government should stop hiding the option of Primary Ethics from Parents.
  • As a inclusive and multicultural society. We send our children to school to learn. Children from non- religious backgrounds and from religious minorities, shouldn't be penalised. Our children deserve more than a "colouring in" class as an alternative to scripture every week.
  • state schools should leave religion out. there are private schools for that. Ethics is fabulous - broadens the mind and creates healthy decision making and choices. How to think things through - fair and just. Ethics should be compulsory in all schools.


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