To: PM Kevin Rudd, Minister for Agriculture, Joel Fitzgibbon, Australian Labor government

Establish the Independent Office of Animal Welfare-Now!

Dear Prime Minister, Ministers and Australian Labor Party,
Please establish the Independent Office of Animal Welfare as a top priority. The Australian Labor Party has already pledged this office to the community. Members of the public like myself believe that it is crucial in our democracy to have an Independent Office to oversee the development and enforcement of animal welfare standards and to help shape policy in this area.

Why is this important?

The Australian community has lost faith in the regulatory bodies that oversee animal welfare arrangements, particularly those that relate to "production animals". Community members like myself do not believe that departments of agriculture are the appropriate bodies to oversee animal welfare regulation. We believe there is an urgent need to establish an Independent Office of Animal Welfare, to lead animal welfare policy and standards development and focus on animal welfare science and law. It is in the public interest to take this opportunity to improve animal welfare arrangements, and to establish the Independent Office that has already been promised to the Australian community.

How it will be delivered

Email the signatures, deliver in person and possibly stage a press conference

Reasons for signing

  • Recent tortuous deaths of live sheep exports to the middle east scream out problems with this practice. Dying painful deaths through overheating, dehydration, and overcrowding, negate the professional /humane way those animals were looked after by Aussie farmers on their farms. Disgusting.
  • Why has the government backflipped on this? The live export industry is totally unaccountable, intransrent, and it is long past time that the truth was out in the open. The watered down version is NOT INDEPENDENT AT ALL and will prbaboly go to same failed Labor hack eho knows absolutely nothing about animal welfare.
  • This is very overdue.