To: Federal Government.

Establish a Royal Commission into the behaviour of the ATO.

Establish a Royal Commission into the behaviour of the ATO.

Establish a Royal Commission to hear cases of innocent Australians who have been forced to pay illegal sums to the government, and to allow for anonymous or protected witness statements to be heard.

Why is this important?

The government is paying in excess of $105m p.a. in legal fees in "ATO matters" including for the protection of ATO staff, or for the harassment of innocent people.
Millions are being lost in potential revenues from viable businesses. People are committing suicide, being jailed illegally, being subject to theft, extortion, blackmail, bullying, and asset stripping. It must stop!

Reasons for signing

  • Go bully Gina and her mates!
  • As it's unfair, boarding on illegal and not democratic. Lives are being ruined. The ATO have to be answerable to their actions and mistakes
  • Public servants work for US, the People. We do not work for them. They do owe us a duty of care, because WE the People pay their wages. Bullying of those that pay their wages-you have to be joking. What a disgrace using our tax dollars to harass tax payers. This is the exact opposite of all normality.


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Just a short point. They act *ILLEGALLY.* How are (public) lawbreakers dealt with by the government?
And the ATO spends public money to defend their illegal behaviour. Fair enough??

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