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To: John Streth: MD and CEO of ERM

ERM - stop faking the RET

ERM - stop faking the RET

The energy retailer ERM has decided to pay a penalty of $122 million rather than fulfill its obligation to buy renewable energy under the RET. That money has gone straight to general government revenue rather than funding clean energy. The 1.9 million Clean Energy Certificates they failed to purchase (84% of their obligation) could have funded clean energy generation by eight large solar farms.

We call on ERM to live up to its own goals and ensure that it uses all of its Renewable Energy Certificates for the purpose for which they were intended. You profit from the Australian community. Time that you were a full time participant

Why is this important?

This strategy of ERM is completely contrary to ERM's stated vision of "'zero harm and zero loss' where care of people and the planet are put first..."

Surely ERM understands that the mitigation of climate change is important to reduce extreme weather events, droughts, ocean acidification and sea level rise. Surely ERM understands that the burning of fossil fuels also has more immediate deleterious health effects, particularly upon people's respiratory systems.


Reasons for signing

  • because our world is under climate threat
  • Energy retailers need to know that the public expects them to meet the spirit of the Renewable Energy Target legislation and support renewables.


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