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To: The Australian Governement

Equal Marriage for Equal Love

Equal Marriage for Equal Love

Australia is taking ages to legalize same-sex marriage even though they know that the majority of Australian wants it be legal. Can the Australian government please legalize same-sex marriage as it is at high demand!

Why is this important?

Equal Marriage means every relationship is equal and has the same value. LGBT+ Australians and their family members and friends just want the same recognition and value for life long committed relationships. If you sign this petition you are helping Australians all over the country to gain the recognition and equality they want and need. And equality is a necessity for a well functioning society.

Reasons for signing

  • because we don't live in the 1700's anymore!! actually, i would have signed it if it was in the 1700 anyway sooooo. idk, because i want to be able to marry my future partner!
  • Because I'm pretty gay. I have a girlfriend too. She's pretty cool. Hi Alex. Also Guy was being rude. Wth?
  • yeet yeet told me to


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