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To: Federal and State politicians

End the hysterical persecution of Law Abiding Gun Owners (LAGO)

Dear Ministers,

Of late it seems to have become convenient to label law abiding gun owners as "Gun Nuts" or "Gun Freaks" simply because we own and legitimately use firearms for sporting purposes.

This has continued to be expedient because many of you choose not to manage the real problem in our society, the rampant proliferation of illegal, uncontrolled, black market firearms entering this country through lack border protection and poor policing.

Please stop the demonisation of law abiding citizens and focus your efforts on managing illegal guns and not legal gun ownership.

Why is this important?

Law abiding gun owners have become the focus of a number of factional group and political leftists such as the Greens. They seek to make legal gun ownership impossible for the average citizen inspite of the fact that their draconian efforts have been shown to have no effect on the rate of gun use by criminals who, by their very nature, ignore the very bans these people seek to impose on lawful gun owners who comply with the regulations in every respect.

The focus of their efforts needs to change from one of persecuting legal gun owners to more effective boarder controls to prevent black markets firearms being imported into this country as well as more efficient policing to track down illegal firearms.

Increase the penalties for illegal ownership and the use of a firearm in ANY crime and stop persecuting people who choose to pursue a great hobby and an Olympic sport.

Reasons for signing

  • This addresses the real firearms issues ... legitimate gun owners go to great lengths to ensure best practice in the use handling transport and storage of firearms and ammunition. legitimate owners do not usually commit firearms offences whereas criminals and terrorists either jointly or severally do commit armed offenses with illegally obtained weapons. illegal weapons however obtained and the criminals who employ them are the real firearms issue about which the public need to be concerned
  • Deal with mental health and criminal issues first and stop chipping away at the ability of honest law abiding people to enjoy their sport. This is also an economic persecution as the continual increase in regulation appears designed to put the costs of this sport out of the reach of average people.
  • Some of our politicians have gone too far on banning guns. Guns take lives, but guns save lives.


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