To: The Honorable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled

End Inhumane Treatment Of Asylum Seekers In Australia

End Inhumane Treatment Of Asylum Seekers In Australia

Your petitioners ask that the Australian Parliament end mandatory detention and endorse the majority recommendations of the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Immigration Network 2012, in particular recommendations 22 and 23 which read:

Recommendation 22

That the Australian Government take further steps to adhere to its commitment of only detaining asylum seekers as a last resort, and for the shortest practicable time, and subject to an assessment of non-compliance and risk factors as enunciated in the New Directions policy.

Recommendation 23
That asylum seekers who pass initial identity, health, character and security checks be immediately granted a bridging visa or moved to community detention while a determination of their refugee status is completed, and that all reasonable steps be taken to limit detention to a maximum of 90 days.

Why is this important?

We are ashamed and dismayed by the Australian Government’s inhumane treatment of people seeking asylum in Australia. Asylum seekers are subjected to long-term and sometimes indefinite detention, often in remote locations. This causes anxiety, illness, self-harm and suicide. Your petitioners believe that current practices of mandatory and prolonged detention of asylum seekers are harmful, ineffective and unnecessarily costly, and are inconsistent with human rights and Australia’s own professed immigration values.

Reasons for signing

  • I watched the documentary "Chasing Asylum" and can't believe the utter lack of conscience the politicians we elected have. It's absolutely despicable to claim that it is "humane" to deter people coming by boat and (potentially) dying at sea by keeping them in jail-like conditions, away from their families, away from all hope and with corrupt security guards + danger from locals. Honestly, I wish everyone knew it was as bad as it is. Where has the morality of Australia gone?
  • i signed because i can
  • We need to do something about how these poor people are being treated