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End tailpipe emissions

End tailpipe emissions

Unlike many countries who give incentives to purchasers of electric cars, Australia does nothing even though it would help the environment, the economy and just be common sense. Increasing electric cars and improving public transport are two measures that would have a real impact on the amount of greenhouse gases that we produce as a nation.

Why is this important?

While the Coalition are in denial about their regressive policies on the out of control emissions front we need to rely on citizen action in decreasing our carbon footprint and every little bit helps. Removing petrol and diesel cars from the roads is something we can all have a had in.

Most of the advanced economies reduce the sticker price with a subsidy for buying green. Our state government in Victoria talks the talk now it is time to walk the walk.

For figures on the impacts and modelling have a look at the Beyond Zero Emissions website and much more.

Wake up Australia - we are being left behind.

Reasons for signing

  • Not only are the exhaust gases causing health damage to people the fossil fuels are finite ... they WILL RUN OUT so it makes sense that the Australian governments encourage consumers to get away from this toxic habit as soon as possible. Solar power and electric vehicles are a sensible start.


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