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To: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen, Dory’s home is dying - please help

Ellen, Dory’s home is dying - please help

Finding Nemo is my favourite film and i've watched it like 500 times. I want to see Finding Dory now too! I love Finding Nemo so much that my mum and dad took me to the Great Barrier Reef which is in Queensland Australia where I live.

But it didn't look like it was in your movie. Lots of parts were white and slimy not colourful. Mum and dad took us to more reef spots until we saw one that looked like Dory's home but it made me sad.

I learnt that fish don't like living in the Great Barrier Reef anymore because it's too hot. They said the coral might be all dead in 5 years but no-one’s doing anything about it :(

If you are sometimes Dory then you must care about the Great Barrier Reef too! When I talk about something, basically only my parents listen. But when you talk about something, zillions of people listen!

Please help!

Sofia, 11 years old, Queensland (home of the Great Barrier Reef), Australia, the World.

Why is this important?

I don’t want the Reef to die. My favourite part in Finding Nemo is when Nemo gets out of the nasty dentist’s fish tank and goes back to the Reef but what if he had nowhere to escape to?

How it will be delivered

Wow, thanks so much everyone for signing my petition!
Sunrise said they will give it to Ellen this weekend - amazing!!
I'm so glad she is talking about saving the Reef. I hope she says something about global warming too because it's killing the Reef and we need to stop it.

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Reasons for signing

  • Bc Sofia is Bae.
  • Having the children take a stand is a great benefit for change. Go on Pauline Hanson. Go on Alan Jones. Go on Andrew Bolt. I dare you to call these girls lefty-loonies. I'll guarantee that you won't have a job to go back to after that.
  • I have a feeling this 11 year old is going to achieve more for the planet than the current politicians in Canberra :/


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