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To: Michaelia Cash

EGP (Equal Gender pay)

EGP (Equal Gender pay)

We believe that gender pay gap should not exist in Australia. Current issue is that there is 15.3% gap in between men and women's pay, meaning that women get paid much less, even when doing the same job. Not fair!!!

Why is this important?

There are several reasons why there should be no pay gap:
> There is no proof that being a mother, makes a woman less productive on the job.
> It is a basic human right to be treated fairly!
> Equal Work, Unequal Pay... NOT FAIR!!!
> Women deserves equal pay as they work as hard as men.

Reasons for signing

  • I AM GOD THEY CALL ME "NILAY PATEL BARCELONA" And i Messed up everyones face who came in my way like nidi, veer and sudeep khanal Bishh !!!!!!! LOVE SOCCER XXX
  • Men and women should get paid equally, as they are both humans and work hard. I am so inspirational xx


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