To: Sorell Council, Southern Waste Solutions (Sorell, Clarence, Kingsborough and Tasman Councils), Tasmanian State Government, The Australian Federal Government.

Dump The Toxic Dump- Copping, Tasmania

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Hannah Player
Dump The Toxic Dump- Copping, Tasmania

Overturn the decision to approve the development of a Category C controlled waste cell in at the Copping landfill site in south East Tasmania.

Commit to improving the community consultation process for future developments.

Why is this important?

The development of a Category C waste cell poses many potential and grave risks to the environment and public health. These impacts will be felt throughout the Carlton River Catchment Area, neighbouring communities, Sorell Municipality and Tasmania as a whole.

Community consultation on the proposed development has been minimal at best, and the approvals process has been astounding in the speed of which both the EPA and Sorell Council granted formal approval for the development to go ahead.

Reasons for signing

  • An insane proposal considering the surrounding agricultural and marine environment!
  • I read the EIS and it states that the water table is too high for a C-cell at this site.Plain and simple it does not meet the criteria
  • I am truly furious about this topic!