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To: Minister Ian MacFarlane; Senator Nigel Scullion; cc NT Chief Minister Adam Giles

Dump the Muckaty Dump: Its time for responsible radioactive waste management

Congratulations to Beyond Nuclear Initiative on their great news!

After a sustained effort by the Traditional Owners and others in the Northern Territory community, plans to build a radioactive waste facility at Muckaty have been dumped!

The community has made it their mission to build awareness on the harms of nuclear waste and have set an important precedent to fight any future plans to nominate new sites on the Muckaty Land Trust.

In their own words, "Muckaty will be nuclear free!"

Dump the Muckaty Dump: Its time for responsible radioactive waste management

I call on the Federal Government to end plans for a national radioactive waste facility at Muckaty in the Northern Territory.

I urge the government to commence an independent and public commission to examine all aspects of radioactive waste production, transport, storage and disposal as part of advancing a responsible and effective approach to radioactive waste management in Australia.

Why is this important?

For eight years there has been sustained opposition to successive federal government plans to build a national nuclear waste dump at Muckaty, near Tennant Creek.

There is no environmental or scientific basis for a radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory. The plan is purely political and deeply irresponsible and would mean more toxic trucks on our roads, more communities at risk, and more hazards for workers and emergency services.

Nuclear waste is high risk and long lasting. It needs to be managed responsibly based on proper process and sound science.

The controversial dump plan is opposed by many Aboriginal Traditional Owners, public health and medical experts, environmental groups, trade unions and churches. These groups are all calling for the Federal government to scrap the plan in favour of an independent public commission.

Australia has never had an independent, expert and public assessment of the safest and most responsible way to manage long-lived radioactive waste. This is urgently required.

The Muckaty proposal is a bad deal but it is not a done deal.
Sign the petition today; there is literally no time to waste.

Reasons for signing

  • Ian Nigel and co take the waste home with you
  • Coz YOLO SWEG.
  • y'all need Jesus


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Thank you to everyone who has been circulating the link to this petition; lets try for 100 signatures by the end of the day...and 500 by the end of the weekend. An advertisement featuring key stakeholders and supporters of the campaign has launched on Channel nine in the NT today. An extended 51 second web version can be viewed at

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