To: Mr Tony Abbott

Don't Undermine Closing the Gap For Aboriginal people by cutting funding to vital programs

Please do not make cuts to existing Health and Education Services for Aboriginal people. The will just increase the gap, not close it. Examples:

The $3.6m withdrawn from Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (IFVPLS), part of a broader $13m cut to Aboriginal legal aid

"Domestic and family violence
As an Aboriginal woman you are 45 times more likely to experience domestic violence than a white woman.

Violence patterns are passed on from parents to their children. It takes police up to two years to respond to cases of domestic violence and take victims seriously.

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Another example:

"The Aboriginal Early Childhood Support and Learning Incorporated (AECSL Inc.) is a unique organisation, leading the way as a peak advisory body on early childhood for Aboriginal children, families and the Aboriginal community

The AECSL Inc. five year Strategic Plan will ensure that all Aboriginal children and their families are fully engaged in the design and delivery of early years programs and have equal access to services that promote child and family welfare, safety and wellbeing ." All funding is to be withdrawn.

Theses are just some of the anticipated cuts which will effectively undermine the Closing the Gap policy.

As an educator working with Aboriginal people for over 35 years in the city and country I cannot understand why, considering your connection with the people, you would do this

Why is this important?

I have worked in education and training in the city and the country for 35 years. The Closing the Gap policy in Health and Education between Aboriginal people and the rest of Australia is a sign of hope and Government and community commitment to our Indigenous people. Cutting already very effective Indigenous community support programs in Health and Education will widen the gap, not close it. This breaks my heart.

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  • There needs to be an increase in aid not a cut to it!


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