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To: Northern Territory Government

Don't Sell TIO

Dear NT Government,
We the residents and citizens of the northern territory, with respect ask that you do not sell the Territory Insurance Office or privatise it in any way as it has been the insurance backbone of the territory for many years . The loss of this company will mean increased premiums and less coverage for any losses we experience as a result of our claims. We ,the petitioners signed below urge you to reconsider and keep the TIO in Territorians hands.

Why is this important?

the loss of the TIO will increase our premiums and result in insufficient restitution of the value of our properties

Reasons for signing

  • In the end privatisation is ideologically, not economically driven. It simply takes the Government out of the firing line and jides increasing costs and hides inefficiencies in the private sector.
  • Privatization always results in ripping off the small person.
  • I'm sick of governments selling of assets for ideological reasons disguised as short term expedience when they were established to give ordinary people a reasonable deal and to give a fair income stream for the government too


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