To: The Prime Minister

Don't let them dump toxic waste into the Daly and Edith Rivers NT

Dear Minister, please intervene in the NT Government's decision to allow millions of litres of toxic mining waste from the abandoned Mt Todd Mine to be pumped directly into the Daly and Edit River systems without treatment.

Why is this important?

The Daly and Edit Rivers are significant rivers in the top-end. They are relatively untouched by farming and mining, and are a strong tourism drawcard. the current proposal is to pump millions of litres of cadmium affected acid water - with a PH of 1 - directly into the river during the wet season. This waste will be pumped untreated directly into the river travel hundred of kilometres before it reaches the ocean. This waste needs to be - at the very least - treated and heavy metals removed - before any option can be considered.

Reasons for signing

  • Untreated toxic waste into rivers?? We live in 2013 - not 1813... I would like my children and their children and their children etc to enjoy these beautiful waterways.
  • This is so wrong. Purely for dollars for a Mining Companies shareholders. Shame on these greedy people. Vista don't care about what is safe they just want that toxic waste out of those pits so they can mine it again. They want it done in a short time so the dumping is based on a business plan not safety. Shame on them.
  • There are safer more effective ways to store and dispose of toxic waste, this is just lazy and harmful to countless ecosystems