To: Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick

Help people with spinal injury to live in the community and achieve their life goals after trauma

Help people with spinal injury to live in the community and achieve their life goals after trauma

Dear Minister Dick,

Each year, dozens of people with spinal cord injury and their families experience the trauma of having a spinal injury, and this number is only growing. Yet each year we see so many families who are unprepared for life outside the hospital - for months, years, even decades after being released from rehabilitation, so many people with spinal injury and their loved ones are still fighting for access to support, basic information and inclusion.
Don't let this keep happening ; people with spinal injury and their families need and deserve thorough, transitional support and more access to services led by people who understand what they are going through, after the trauma of their injury.
Help us fund the creation of Australia's first dedicated Spinal Injuries Support Centre, built here in Queensland, to assist people with spinal injury and their loved ones to return home with the knowledge and the confidence they need to live life to the fullest.

Please join us to get the word to the Minister by signing and sharing this petition - if you are a person with a spinal injury, or the family or friend of someone affected by SCI, please consider helping our cause. With your support we can make this campaign strong and make this centre a reality for people with spinal injury and their loved ones

Why is this important?

People with spinal injury and their families are often denied the basic right to informed choices after their injury - patients aren't taught about the range of support networks or their options when it comes to service providers. Tragically, many patients are led to accept one service provider and aren't given a choice when it comes to managing their funding or supports, nor are they given the confidence or knowledge to do so. A lot of patients are unprepared for life outside of the hospital and often isolate themselves from their families, friends and communities when they return home. The risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are very high for people with SCI, yet too many people are discharged from hospital with not enough emotional, physical or spiritual preparation for the shock of the lifestyle change, and no coping mechanisms for handling life after the trauma of a spinal cord injury. This has to change. People with spinal cord injury deserve peer mentor support services from people who understand what they are going through, at all injury levels, and who know what life is like living out in the community. People with SCI, and their families, deserve access to all the information and encouragement they may need in order to have full, informed, and above all free choice in their support networks.

With this support centre, we can provide all these vital services and more. Fully wheelchair accessible and run by and for people with spinal injury, this centre will provide assistance from people who truly understand what the patient is going through, to make sure that nobody with a spinal cord injury, whether from city or country, has to go home unprepared or isolated ever again.

How it will be delivered

Members of the Spinal Home Help team will meet with the Health Minister to deliver this petition in person, to secure government support for this project.

Reasons for signing

  • Having 2 sons with spinal cord injuries 5 years apart,not knowing anyone in Brisbane i found it extremely hard.
  • I haven't seen SHH put a wheel wrong since they started; their cause, intent and aim is very clear and very much needed. QSSS support them 100% and we wish them the very best.
  • I signed because I believe people with spinal injury should have the same support as other people with injuries


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