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To: Chris Crewther MP, Federal Member for Dunkley

Don't give billions to Adani

Public money should be used to fund public services and infrastructure. Adani's coal mine is not public infrastructure.

Furthermore, Adani's track record of tax evasion, corruption, bribery, and environmental destruction proves the company can't be trusted with taxpayer funds.

Mr Crewther, don’t waste billions of dollars of public money for Adani's coal mine.

Why is this important?

Global mining company, Adani, have been unsuccessfully trying to secure finance for the Carmichael coal mine for years.

Now, the Turnbull Government is considering making the Australian public foot the billion dollar bill for Adani's rail line, which will transport coal from the mine to the port. This is despite his promise during the 2016 federal election that there would be no public funding of Adani's mine.

This billion dollar loan is risky, reckless, and deeply unpopular. Even members of the Prime Minister's own party oppose it, with Coalition backbenchers Bert Van Manen and Sarah Henderson speaking out.

This is public money, that would be better spent anywhere else! Funding our local hospitals and schools would be a good start. Or how about investing in renewable energy projects instead?

Reasons for signing

  • We only got ONE WORLD!
  • As tax payer would I fun a foreign company to construct a mine
  • One wonders if Turnbull is at all interested in supporting the Australian is needed here for our people.


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