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To: Cr Jenny Hill, Mayor of Townsville

Don't give $18.5 million to billionaire Adani

Don't give $18.5 million to billionaire Adani

Dear Cr Jenny Hill,

Please don’t waste ratepayer money on a private airstrip for Adani.

Adani is a multinational company worth billions. If Adani is going to profit from their Carmichael coal mine then they should be the ones who pay for their private airstrip.

Ratepayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for a billionaire’s private project.

Why is this important?

The Townsville council wants to waste $18.5 million of ratepayer’s money on a private airstrip for Adani.

Adani is an offshore multi-billion-dollar multinational mining giant. Their Carmichael coal mine is a private project intended to enrich the Adani family.

Why are the people of Townsville paying for a billionaire’s private infrastructure? If Adani’s project is commercially viable they should be financing it themselves.

This outrageous ratepayer handout comes on top of a range of other special privileges governments have given to Adani at the expense of everyday Australians. Townsville is facing problems with its own water supply, but the Queensland State Labor government have offered Adani free and unlimited groundwater. The Federal Government is offering Adani a billion-dollar taxpayer handout to build their rail line.

There are many things in Townsville that $18.5 million could be better spent on, including investing in long-term solutions for creating secure local employment or ensuring long-term water security or preventing low-lying suburbs from flooding every King Tide. The last thing we need is $18.5 million of our taxes wasted on a tax-dodging billionaire’s private air strip.

Reasons for signing

  • That money should go ok directly ok into local business and employment programs......simples
  • Many reasons but just imagine if they used the money to create sustainable jobs in townsville.
  • If we don't keep the "Adani" issue alive in people's minds, they will go about their business - with their millions of dollars, spend ours in the process and destroy our beautiful State on dirty energy AND potentially pollute our underwater aquifers...along with so much more! We really need to hold them all to account, not just in Townsville!


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At this stage (17 May 18) I am planning on delivering the petition to Councillor Paul Jacobs on Monday 21 May. So I will be closing the petition down fairly soon.

Thank you to everyone who has supported it .

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