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To: Victorian Government

Don't Frack Victoria!

This campaign has ended.

Don't Frack Victoria!

We, the undersigned petitioners, respectfully call on the Victorian Government to:
- Ban unconventional, shale oil and gas, production, particularly by the use of hydraulic Fracking, and

We further humbly ask that the Victorian Government urgently act to strengthen Victorian mining and environment laws so that following areas are permanently protected from shale oil and gas mining:

- sensitive environmental areas, especially National Parks and other intact vegetation;
- precious Indigenous, cultural, heritage and recreational areas
- vital water sources, particularly our precious aquifers.
- residential areas
- food producing areas

Why is this important?

Hydraulic fracturing 'fracking' involves the high-pressure injection of millions of litres of water, sand and chemicals into shale cracks. Not only does the process involve huge (and scare) volumes of water, The risks associated with this process are serious. In Australia and the US, fracking has:

- contaminated and depleted aquifers and drinking water,
- damaged land and habitats, and
- caused methane leaks, causing serious air pollution.

A large area of southern Victoria is targeted for shale oil and gas exploration and eventual production. A ban on unconventional gas production is required so that our domestic, livestock and food water resources, and our very valuable food production is protected from the very real risks of water and food contamination, as has happened in other spread of Australua and overseas!!. Legislation must be strengthened to protect the precious water in our environmental, cultural, heritage, recreational and food producing areas.

Victoria, particularly the higher rainfall areas of the south is fast becoming the food bowl for the rest of Australia, with high per hectare production of milk and meat. This resource could be jeopardised should fracking be allowed to occur.

Reasons for signing

  • The unknown results on under ground water, its aquifers and resulting flow on's into the wider environment. out of sight out of mind till its to late to fix or stop it
  • Having been an active part of the farming community in continuous connection to the land for over 160 years in south west Victoria I have seen the decreasing water tables and the weather changes..we need to guard our subterranean water as the most precious substance.
  • The risks to our water, agricultural and food producing regions are too great to ignore. Once it starts there is no return, remediation possible or rectification given the history of this activity in other areas.


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