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To: Department of Environment and Science, Energy and Extractive Resources, GPO Box 2454, Brisbane Qld 4001 [email protected]

Don't Frack Surat Qld

Don't Frack Surat Qld

Dear Sir

The following is my submission re Armour Energy Application to Vary Environmental Authority EPPG00694213 advertised in the Balonne Beacon on 31 October 2019.

Firstly I would like to state that I vehemently oppose the approval of this amendment. Currently fracking is not allowed on the blocks in question and I believe this condition should be kept.

• I object because fracking anywhere near the Balonne River is taking a risk with precious water. Weakening the layers of rock underneath the Great Artesian Basin by creating thousands of fractures is a disaster waiting to happen. This type of project is putting water for agriculture and town use at risk. This project is but one part of a larger plan to turn the whole area into a gas field and should not be looked at in isolation of the total number of wells to be drilled and fracked by all gas companies in the area, both now and in the future. Also, the entire area is in drought, there is no water for drilling and fracking of 192 wells.
• I object because of the health impacts of fugitive emissions and fracking chemicals. There is no Australian research that proves this industry is safe for either humans or wildlife.
• I object because the landholders have no choice but to allow these activities and this is an abuse of their human rights and the human rights of the neighbours and communities in the area.
• I object because there has never been an Environmental Impact Assessment to determine if the entire gas field proposed for the Surat Basin should go ahead. Piecemeal approvals that don’t trigger closer scrutiny have been allowed.
• I object because this changes the amenity of the area from being agricultural to industrial.
• I object because this project will create fugitive methane emissions that science has shown contribute to heating the atmosphere.
• I object because fracking is against Indigenous Lore and seeing as sovereignty of the land has never been ceded, this Lore is still valid.
• I object because the project is likely to be on sold to multinational corporations whose ultimate aim is profit, not the wellbeing of those who are forced to live in or near a gas field.

I would implore the person making the decision on this application to ask themselves ‘would I approve this if I was going to be held personally responsible and liable for the long term consequences?’

You will find more useful information in the following link I especially request that you read the entirety of the submission by Helen Bender.

Why is this important?

There is an application to allow drilling and fracking of 192 wells near the township of Surat in Qld. This is not all the wells planned for the area. Ordinary Australians are being forced by government to allow gas fields to operate on their farms and to surround their towns. Over 20 jurisdictions have banned fracking as being unsafe, yet in Australia this science is ignored, with conditions being imposed to minimise risk. Minimising risk doesn't make fracking 100% safe. Fracking also uses substantial amounts of water which is needed to grow food for the nation. Fracking creates fugitive emissions that science has proven are heating the atmosphere. Please help to oppose the imposition of fracking near Surat.

Reasons for signing

  • Our Water is too Precious to Frack with


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