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To: Manager (Assessment), Energy and Extractive Resources, Department of Environment and Science, GPO Box 2454, Brisbane, QLD, 4001

Don't Frack Surat

Don't Frack Surat

Dear Sir

The following is my submission re Armour Energy Application to Vary Environmental Authority EPPG00342913 advertised in the Balonne Beacon on 6 September 2018.

Firstly I would like to state that I vehemently oppose the approval of this amendment.

The CSG industry was rolled out in Qld on the basis that it would be unconventional wells. To now come back and say that it’s in the national interest to frack to supply domestic gas at a time when Australia is exporting more gas than we could ever use domestically is just unbelievable.

• I object because the project will use precious water.
• I object because of the large volume of salt and other waste, including fracking waste that will need to be disposed of.
• I object because the site is approximately 25km from Surat School.
• I object because the application documents for public use were in Roma, not Surat.
• I object because of the health impacts from fugitive emissions and fracking chemicals.
• I object that the Emergency Procedures in place rely on volunteers from the public to protect gas infrastructure and they are expected to put their lives at risk for an industry that's not wanted..
• I object because the whole of Australia is sacred to the Aboriginal people and was never ceded to the Australian Government. The local tribes have maintained a connection with Country. This connection sees every plant, every animal, every drop of water, as sacred. There is an obligation to Protect Country. Fracking destroys the heart of Country. Drilling through sacred waters (the aquifers) and injecting poisons is killing Country that must be protected for those that come after.
• I object to the application on the basis that there has been no Environmental Impact Study done.
• I object that there has been no on the ground survey of flora and fauna.
• I object that radioactive tracers will be used and restricted fracking chemicals will be approved for use.
• I object that land will be cleared for this project.

I would implore the person making the decision on this application to ask themselves ‘would I approve this if I was going to be held personally responsible and liable for the consequences?’

You will find more useful information in the following link I especially request that you read the entirety of the submission by Helen Bender.

Why is this important?

The little town of Surat on the Balonne River in QLD with a population of about 500 people (if they've got visitors) is about to be surrounded by gasfields. Armour Energy wants to frack. We have til 4.30pm on 5 November 2018 to tell them Don't Frack Surat.
The gas industry is trying to expand to every state in Australia. They are huge multinational companies whose overriding objective is profit. There is ample evidence put together by people who don't receive a cent for doing it, including doctors and scientists, that fracking and CSG is harmful to humans and the environment.

Reasons for signing

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  • I have been to Surat and surrounding towns. CSG is a disaster. The towns are fracked, the land is fracked and the people are utterly fracked. The towns show no benefit, the FIFO workers couldn't give a frack, and neither could the companies involved.
  • Fracking has no place in Australia. It's not an appropriate energy source and the environmental risks are huge.


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