To: Federal Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Tony Burke

Don't drill for oil near Kangaroo Island

Don't drill for oil near Kangaroo Island

Minister Hunt, we the undersigned call on you to uphold the decision of your predecessor to impose a “controlled action” order on Bight Petroleum with respect to proposed underwater seismic testing in areas immediately off the coast of Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

Why is this important?

The marine areas in question are home to a significant number of protected marine mammals including the rare Shepherds beaked whale, Australian sea lions, and fish stocks of importance to our community, all of which are at risk by the seismic blasting Bight Petroleum proposes. Recent reports conclude that over 70% of the species surveyed in the exploration region, likely to be affected by seismic blasting, would not have been detected by Bight Petroleum’s observational attempts during testing. It isunacceptable that these undetected species of marine mammals and fish would be at risk of injury and deathfrom this proposal.
We call on you to uphold the decision by the former Minister for Environment to impose a “controlled action” on this proposal. The decision had undergone extensive review by the Department for Environment, and was the subject of a previous petition of short duration raising over 22,000 signatures.
Please listen to the community and uphold the right decision

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver our petition directly to the Minister. Given that we have not yet finalised our plans, let us know if you have any ideas for how we could deliver the petition more effectively.

Reasons for signing

  • There are too many unknowns with seismic testing. Creatures who communicate via sonar or navigate by sensing vibrations are at risk. We need to concentrate our efforts on renewable energy anyway. Surely more cost effective and safe than sending sound waves into the ocean, assembling drilling rigs, shipping oil?
  • Our environment is important – do not place economics above our natural environment!
  • I am a fisherman


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