To: Marrickville Council

Don't Cover Arlington Reserve with Plastic Grass

Don't Cover Arlington Reserve with Plastic Grass

We ask that Council honour its 2009 decision to keep Arlington with natural turf and as an open, multi purpose recreational community facility by reversing its 20 November 2012 decision to install artificial turf.

Why is this important?

Covering Arlington with plastic grass locks out the public and schools and hands this beautiful public asset to one sporting code at the cost of Marrickville rate payers (Estimated at $1.1M+).

In reaching this decision Council failed to meet its community consultation responsibilities.

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Reasons for signing

  • Synthetic turf is toxic. The whole point of being outside whether it's walking on the grass or playing sport is to get the benefit of a natural environment. Take that away & EVERY LIVING THING suffers - from people to animals, plants & all the micro life in the soil & surrounds. Get wise council & get with the times. We need natural environments.