To: The Hon. Andrew Constance, MP

Don't Close Hampden Rd Artarmon

Don't Close Hampden Rd Artarmon

Dear Minister, We urge you to find a route other than digging up Hampden Road for the 33kV auxillary power supply for Sydney Metro Northwest.

Why is this important?

The decision to run the cable up the main street of Artarmon Village is poorly conceived and ill-advised. A fully functioning Hampden Road is essential for providing local access to Artarmon Public School and Royal North Shore Hospital. Prolonged partial closure of Hampden Rd will severely affect parking and traffic flow and force closure of businesses in the Artarmon shopping strip. Concurrent development in Hampden Road and at the school means that 2016 is the worst possible time to be considering this project.

Reasons for signing

  • This will create a traffic nightmare as there are no real diversion around the proposed area - the consequences for local businesses will be a disaster. Why close the whole road if necessary set up a contra flow DUH
  • There is enough traffic gridlock already on the North Shore, why unnecessarily ruin the main thoroughfare of Artramon where local shops need local business and easy parking to survive? Not to mention the severe disruption this will cause to all residents of Artarmon whether pedestrians or in cars.
  • This would seriously hurt the wonderful businesses on Hampden Rd. Please don't ruin our community.


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