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Save West Bondi Junction - Halt The High Rise

Waverley Council and the NSW State Government,

Residents that live in or around West Bondi Junction are opposed to development in the West Oxford Street Precinct that does not:

- Comply with the existing Local Environment Plan (LEP)
- Does not retain existing homes including some heritage homes along Grafton Street
- Involve residents in the planned design charette for development of plans for the area

Why is this important?

Some of the The potential impacts of high rise towers in the West Oxford Street Precinct include:

• Increased shadows over houses and amenity in the local area
• Interrupted transport services due to the construction
• Buildings that are not in keeping with the local heritage architecture
• Decreased property prices
• Increased population putting strain on local services and amenity
• Increased traffic in the local area

Reasons for signing

  • Our community's character is being changed by constant overdevelopment. Increased population is reducing our quality of life.
  • Sick of the the noise, the buildings are ugly and poor quality, it's going to create more congestion!
  • destruction of CP


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