To: Logan City Council, Queensland

Don't Build a Greyhound Racing Facilty in Logan, Queensland

Don't Build a Greyhound Racing Facilty in Logan, Queensland

To The Chief Executive Officer, Logan City Council: We, the undersigned hereby respectfully request the Logan City Council to rescind the land use approval for a Greyhound Racing Facility to be developed at Cronulla Park, Slacks Creek, Logan in Queensland. We call on the Council to rescind this approval and stop fostering the expansion of the racing industry in Queensland based on our significant concerns about community and family wellbeing, ethics, animal welfare, economics, sustainabilty, damage to Logan's image and lack of community involvement in decision making.

Why is this important?

This e-petition should only be signed by the residents, workers and businesses in the communities of the City of Logan, Queensland.

If you wish to sign the paper version of this petition or if you wish printouts to pass around your community in Logan to sign, please call or text Graeme Palmer on 0412 982 133 to make arrangements.

The signatures gathered each month on this e-petition and on the paper version will be presented to the Logan City Council prior to each Ordinary Council Meeting until the land use approval is rescinded.

This Greyhound Racing Facility must not be built in Logan for the following reasons:

- The Logan City Council decision making process to approve the change of land use for this facility from a sports field and the subsequent use of this decision by the State Government, gave no opportunity for community involvement and rejection of it

- Will not enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of our people and families in our communities

- Will promote gambling and increase problem gambling

- The gambling $billions of wealth lost and the subsequent cost of economical and social damage to our communities will be far greater than the wagering tax revenue, rates and jobs that animal racing gambling will ever support or generate

- Does not provide an overall benefit to the communities of Logan

- Does not satisfy both an overall community need and an overall economic need of the communities of Logan

- Does not legally comply with the fundamental specific outcome of satisfying the community and economic need as required by the Non urban and Conservation Locality and Zones Code in the Logan Planning Scheme 2009 (see item O23 on page 3-419)

- Will not strengthen our image of Logan

- Will promote animal cruelty and continue the killing of over 17,000 young greyhounds in Australia each year. The 3000 young greyhounds that get to run must run for their lives and many suffer drugs and abuse. Over 2000 are then killed when they do not run fast enough or get injured. Less than 1000 are rescued and make it to good homes.

- Will promote organised crime and crime by pathological gamblers

- Will foster expansion of the animal racing industry in Queensland and Australia which can only require existing gamblers to gamble more and cause more people to begin to gamble

- Is not economically sustainable

Reasons for signing

  • isn't there enough problematic gamblers with encouraging more my understanding this is a low income area who's going to benefit not so local ..guess promoting healthy life styles doesn't pay enough ..
  • Because greyhound racing and killing is barbaric, inhuman and we live in the 21st century.
  • What has recently been uncovered within this industry is appalling & disgusting.


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