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To: Anthony Roberts - NSW Minister of Planning

Don't build 14 storey towers above Eastlakes Shopping Centre, 6 storeys is enough!

Don't build 14 storey towers above Eastlakes Shopping Centre, 6 storeys is enough!

Dear Minister,
Don't approve the new proposed modification to Eastlakes Shopping centre (MP 09_0146 MOD 4). These new changes are of such dramatic scale and represent a a completely different design, that I believe would require the proponents to resubmit a brand new development application rather than a modification, otherwise the entire planning process will be rendered meaningless.

Why is this important?

This is the fourth modification by the developer Crown Group to increase the size of the development. The new proposed modifications put forward recently want to see it grow by one third!
They are seeking to increase the building height from 6 to 14 storeys, thus increasing the number units from 292 to 468 and floor area by an extra 15,336 sqm.
There is huge concern that these modifications will:
- Create extreme traffic issues in the area as there isn't any proper infrastructure in place
- Obstruct the views of many residents in the immediate area
- Obstruct the sunlight to Eastlakes Reserve which is very popular with locals
- Create increased parking issues for existing residents in the area
- Create more delays to existing overcrowded public transport as no new buses will be allocated
- Increase traffic noise due to a 24hour loading dock
- Look like an eyesore and not represent the true character of Eastlakes

How it will be delivered

The petition will be uploaded and submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment through the Major Projects website. I also encourage people to both sign the petition and also directly oppose it with their own submission via

Reasons for signing

  • Theres no infrastructure in place. It will not suit the area! Noise! Not true character of Eastlakes...its turning into a concrete jungle like poor Rosebery
  • This is not a modification to the original proposal. It should go through a re-approval process.
  • The modification is completely different to the already approved design it should go through a new planning approval process. Also the new modification breaches the aviation safety restrictions by 20 meters.


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Only 12 days to go to make an online submission if you haven't already done so. This will really let them know how serious we are about this issue and get there attention. Here is the link

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We have reached 90 signatures, thats fantastic!

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