To: The Prime Minister of Australia

Don't believe the lies! Foreign workers are creating jobs not taking them!

Don't believe the lies! Foreign workers are creating jobs not taking them!

To the Prime Minister,
please review the Government's decision to change the pathways to employer sponsorship for skilled migrants and consider the impact the changes to the 457 and other employer sponsored visas will have on the many Australians who sign this petition. Please allow existing applications for visas to be processed under the original rules so that Australian business sponsors are not disadvantaged. Please consider the serious impact the loss of temporary workers will have on businesses experiencing skills shortages, not to mention all the other Australian businesses and individuals that will be affected. These changes are going to cause loss of jobs for Australians, not create them!

Why is this important?

The pathways to employer sponsored visas are significantly changed meaning that many internationals currently living, studying and working in Australia, including in rural and remote locations, will not have the ability to remain and continue to contribute to our country.
This has significant effects on their employers, friends and colleagues. It affects their landlords, their local shopping centres and petrol stations. It effects the schools that their children frequent. It affects the institutions they have been paying to study, the health insurance companies they have been paying, and very importantly it affects young Australians who have been introduced to new knowledge and skills as a result of their exposure to international workers.
Their presence has meant new jobs in retail, construction, hospitality, teaching and so much more. Their presence has made Australia more vibrant and colourful than ever before.
Do we really want to go backwards?
If, due to the recent visa changes you are an employer, landlord, individual or business effected by the possible loss of overseas workers or students in your community, please sign this petition. Thankyou.


Reasons for signing

  • It's a shame how we carry on as a species by discriminating our own kind
  • Due to recent visa changes.
  • Getting skilled cooks, chefs and hospitality staff with the right skills is difficult. In Australia, not many people want to make a career of hospitality


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Please get your landlords, employers, teachers, co workers and other Australians who would be affected if you had to leave the country, to sign this petition!!