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To: The Prime Minister

Don't axe youth employment programs from schools

Don't axe youth employment programs from schools

Dear Prime Minister
You know Youth Unemployment does not start when a young person presents at Centrelink.

Teaching a student about work without the engagement of community and employer volunteer programs is like trying to teach someone to swim without getting them wet.

Don't axe the programs that recruit and develop the thousands of volunteers (Employers, Parents and Community) partnering with schools in career, vocational and general education.

Naturally we believe taking the axe to these programs to be a false saving, as the cost of youth unemployment will soon outstrip any possible short term savings. It is often too late, and far more expensive to address youth unemployment when a young person presents at Centrelink.

Volunteer parents and employers working with schools are not only more effective, it’s far cheaper.

Why is this important?

Around half of our high school students don't know what they want to do post school. Little wonder they meander through school, struggle to settle into TAFE, Uni or an apprenticeship whilst at the same time employers (industry) pass them over and cry out for more 457 visas due to skill shortages.

We need to massively expand the programs that prepare young people for the world of work, not axe the few we have. Schools cannot do this alone!!!!!

How it will be delivered

This Petition will be emailed to the PM ahead of the Federal Budget.

Reasons for signing

  • got 2 guys as apprentices, but 1 has had to stop as funding was stopped by powers that be and he can't afford it, and neither can i. not good enough government, not good enough :(
  • Kids need guidance
  • Youth unemployment is the worst thing facing this country at the moment. We must do more not less.


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