To: Minister of Women Tony Abbott and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash



One woman a week dying at the hands of a loved one is too many not to amend the flawed National Plan to deal with Domestic Violence. Remove the barriers Women and Children experience when fleeing DV which are hindered by various Government Legislation and limited resources.
• Trauma Informed Services
• Family Law Child Protection
• Service Provision
• Resource availability
• Post DV support
• Education through schools
• Accountability systemic
• Accountability victim/perpetrator
• Prevention
• Action
Enough Talk we Need workable solutions.

Why is this important?

No Longer can we be silent about the rising numbers of harm with Systemic failure and cruel policies, lack of resources and sustainable solutions that address the complex issues surrounding Family and Domestic Violence. We, the People, believe legislation NEEDS changing surrounding Family and Domestic Violence. This includes current Family Law. There are many barriers women and children face when escaping Domestic Violence. Women and children need to feel empowered to improve their lives with hope. Without hope, there is only helplessness. No Longer can we be silent about the rising numbers of harm with Systemic Failure due to lack of resources and sustainable solutions that address the complex issues surrounding Family and Domestic Violence.
“That was an unspeakable tragedy, an absolute unspeakable tragedy and just horrific beyond words,” the Prime Minister told Fairfax Radio. He questioned whether the tragedy required a change in government policy, saying the government already had a National Plan to deal with domestic violence.
Tony Abbott expressed his grief at the death of a young boy.
Luke died at the hands of his own father, which has sparked outrage among not only Survivors of Family and Domestic Violence but the Wider Community as a whole.

Some of the barriers are:
Economic Reality - Sole Parents were placed onto Newstart providing an income 40% below the OECD poverty line. Current survey conducted by RiSE Qld depicted women returning to unsafe relationships due to instability and low income associated with Newstart and other welfare Payments.

Lack of resources - In the current survey with the question of "Were services able to assist you into affordable accommodation?” 80% said NO. Skills training expenses have doubled, child care is unaffordable, lack of job availability and low minimum wages.

Lack of affordable housing - Salvo's spokesman Dr Bruce Redman says 44 per cent cite the lack of affordable housing as the main issue. "The overall (reason) why people are homeless (is) still poverty," he said. Fifty per cent of the women seeking help were forced from their homes by domestic violence and they bring their children with them. "The fact that we are seeing so many children coming through that situation is a real worry," he said. (ABC NEWS, 2013)

Lack of support - The research…confirms that many of the effects of domestic violence on both women and children are poorly understood by decision-makers in the welfare and legal systems. We need trauma informed services available to ensure post domestic violence support.

Family Law issues - DVOs/AVOs are not taken seriously within family law. Let alone within protective services. Accountability is required by the perpetrator prior to access of any child witnessing and experiencing domestic violence. The behaviours need to be addressed with mandatory trauma counselling getting to the underlying problem. So they are better equipped to deal with their anger and control issues.

We are asking at RiSE QLD to help those without a voice?
Please sign our Petition requesting changes to Legislation on the rights of Women and children.

Here at RiSE QLD we come from a personal experience and are aware of the complexities involved. All this will be added to the report accompanying the Petition if you would like to input please

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  • Nation's mental health says it all, incompetent government, greedy, racist, bias legal system, capitalist all working to destroy Australian families, so only they survive and make their own new world..
  • Family Law destroys kids
  • We have too many angry males, too many boys growing up without fathers, not enough role models or stable father figures. Divorces is over 50%, and kids have no one to talk to. The kidshelpline is overwhelmed and phone counsellors can only do so much. We need more male primary school teachers and role models. And men who are victims often don't speak out. Women can be just as violent if not worse. What is the answer?


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No longer can we say we did not know...Enough people have found the strength to come forward and say DVO's/AVO's are failing. Violence of any sort is wrong. Recent News shows us repeatedly the National Plan for Domestic and Family Violence is not working. We need ACTION at a legislative level. The data we have available does not reflect what is happening. Thank you for signing and please Keep on sharing

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