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To: Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Australia’s lead negotiator in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21 and CMP 11)

'Make us proud in Paris, Julie': Sign our nation up for a safe climate at the UN 2015 climate talks

'Make us proud in Paris, Julie': Sign our nation up for a safe climate at the UN 2015 climate talks

(1) The consensus of the international community (including Australia) is that in order to avoid the most damaging and irreversible effects of climate change, the increase in global warming must not exceed 2°C above pre-industrial levels;
(2) The delegate countries to the UN climate change conference in Paris in late 2015 have been asked to submit their binding emissions reduction targets by June 2015;
(3) Major emitters in the developed and developing world such as the USA, European Union and China have already committed to extensive emissions reduction targets far exceeding those of Australia;
(4) To play its part in achieving the 2°C target specified in (1), Australia needs to make a binding commitment to significant reductions in its emissions (including those attributable to the burning of exported fossil fuels); and
(5) In October 2014 the Climate Institute recommended the following reductions:
a. 19% on 2000 levels by 2020;
b. 40% on 2000 levels by 2025; and
c. 65% -75% on 2000 levels by 2035.

We therefore ask you to:

Submit to the UN by June 2015 Australia’s binding commitment to reduce its emissions by amounts that are in line with the recommendations of the Climate Institute in order to avoid more than 2°C global warming above pre-industrial levels.

Why is this important?

Many scientists believe this year is the last chance for the planet to avoid calamitous global warming and commit to strong emissions reduction targets.

We need to do this for our climate, our economy and our communities. Fires, floods, droughts, cyclones are costing lives and livelihoods and reducing our productivity. We can stop this.

Clean renewable energy is now almost as cheap as fossil fuels. Most of us will pay no economic cost for a clean energy economy, but will gain from the reduction in pollution and the protection of our climate and environment.

As the countries of the world move to renewable energy, leaving us stranded with increasingly worthless mines and rising unemployment, Australia is the laughing stock of the world. Australia won the Colossal Fossil award at the UN climate talks in Lima last year for being the country most blind to the reality of global warming.

We can save the Great Barrier Reef and its tourism industry from coal ports and the bleaching of global warming; we can protect our farmers from the pollution of fracking and exhaustion from droughts and floods; we can have skilled jobs in non-polluting industries.

We believe Julie Bishop can be persuaded, unlike others in her government. So let's appeal to her intelligence and commitment to the public good to do us proud in Paris - and win no more Colossal Fossil awards for refusing the reality and opportunity of clean energy and a safe climate.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver them to Julie Bishop's office, and ideally to her in person

Reasons for signing

  • DoNotSignThisGreenFraud!
  • It is a matter of keeping our world safe from the increasing and obvious harm that climate change is causing!
  • When the government's doing nothing to avoid dangerous climate change, the people need to ask them in a loud voice to act in our interests and do something for a liveable, stable world


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delivering our petition to House of Representatives via Julie Bishop on Thursday 21st: 4pm at 414 Rokeby road if you live in Curtin. Please come dressed to join our French pavement cafe scene - or just come as you are:

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The government has released a White Paper seeking submissions by Friday 24 April. The White Paper accepts the International Energy Agency's claim that 74% of the world's energy will come from fossil fuels in 2040 ( But this will mean destruction of our economy, society and environment: “To remain under 2°C, all world carbon emissions would have to immediately drop to zero after that year, which of course they won’t,” Spross writes. “That, according to IEA, puts us on course for roughly 3.6°C of global warming by 2100,” far above the 2°C limit that will be needed to avert runaway climate change. (Source: The Energy Mix TELL THE GOVERNMENT THIS - MAKE A SUBMISSION BY 24 APRIL

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Do you live in Curtin (or visit)? we want Curtin residents to sign a petition to Parliament which we will ask Julie Bishop to present.
please contact [email protected] for copies - and really do some good for renewable energy and a safe climate this year!

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