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To: The Hon. Robert Stokes MP and the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly in Parliament assembled

Do not remove climate consideration from the NSW planning system

Do not remove climate consideration from the NSW planning system


Why is this important?

On 17th March 2020 the NSW Parliament will be debating a bill to REMOVE consideration of climate change for new coal mines and gas fields. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Territorial Limits) Bill has been created in direct response to pressure from the mining industry because the Independent Planning Commission has taken the contribution that coal mines make to climate change into account recently.

It is insane that given the current bushfire crisis and ongoing drought that the NSW Government is even entertaining mining lobby desires that so clearly fly in the face of appropriate action on climate change.

We know the mining and burning of fossil fuels are the #1 cause of dangerous climate change, which increases the intensity of extreme weather events like these bushfires.  And we also know that Australia is a small player in the total global “game” - but this is no justification for making bad environmental decisions.

It is imperative that the NSW Goverment takes strong action to reduce our state's contribution to climate change.

Reasons for signing

  • Governments are totally addicted to coal royalties and will not change without us moving them
  • Our Governments need to take ownership of their contribution to climate issues throughout the world through selling fossil fuels. Voices are growing louder and Government needs to listen. Changing laws to suit companies is not acceptable. Those companies do not vote you in. Australians do. This kind of action is devious and dangerous. Rushing it through shows that you know this. It is another form of censorship - slowly and insidiously this is becoming the norm and it needs to stop NOW.


2019-11-27 21:05:30 +1100

The parliamentary year in NSW has ended and the EP&A Amendment (Territorial Limits) Bill did not proceed to second reading debate in the Legislative Assembly. It is now being considered by the Legislative Council's standing Portfolio Committee for environment and planning.

The LC's Committee is holding an inquiry into the Bill with a deadline of the 15th December. If you or your group are interested in helping out by making a submission, you can do so here:

The Legislative Assembly returns from a summer break on 4 February, The Committee inquiring into the Bill will hold a public hearing on 6 February and will report on 17 March.

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