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To: Getup and other groups in the progressive domain

Developing an Intelligent Democracy

Review and refine the work done in regard to the design of an Intelligent Democracy model. Implement this for the next elections be they state or Federal.

Why is this important?

The Intelligent Democracy model Overview is:
a. Objective: to have significant number of voters in each electorate to strongly influence the result in each electorate, and thus the shape of (Federal) parliament.
b. Support (and manage) the elected members – each can rely on their electorate to vote them back in providing they follow the riding instructions of the electorate in which they won their seat. They will be able to cross the floor and keep their seats. This will make intelligent democracy work irrespective of Liberal/Labor or Minority governments. It is party agnostic and works irrespective of which party is in power.

This model is achievable but needs Getup to take on a major role (A24 would be the right organisation if/when it shows it's head as a strong coordination group across the likes of Getup, Greenpeace,, SumOfUs,, Wilderness Society, ACF, Climate Council, Australian Marine Conservation Society, etc)

The simple fact is that politicians value the tenure of their positions more than anything else and that is above factional or party allegiances. Once they are in parliament they want to stay for the medium to long term. This DESIRE FOR TENURE is the key point that every day citizens can exploit for the benefit of democracy and for politicians to have the liberty to think long term rather than from election to election.

It allow politicians to cross the floor to support the values and interests of the people in their electorate, and in fact it forces them to do so to keep their jobs. This is having a minority government even when Liberal or Labor have the majority as there will be sufficient moderate Liberal and Labor members that are elected in this manner and know that the electorate will be watching their performance (actually this will be done by Open Foundation Australia through their site - have a look at this).

We have a model that outlines how this would work. Please support this petition and we will send you the model with a bit more information.

Getup is invited to use its resources to harden it up and implement it.

(As an aside, my view re Getup's strategy at this last election was that it aimed at the wrong seats. Aiming at the Liberal hard line right wingers was a 1 out of 7 success (a big fail), and Warringah would almost certainly have voted out Abbott without Getup's involvement. Getup should have put its energy into all the marginal seats and get a progressive government elected as its major priority. Now we have another 3 years of disaster.)

Reasons for signing

  • Our system of government has to be improved. This method should increase the level of democracy we enjoy.


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