To: Everyone who thinks the parliament should simply pass a same sex marriage bill NOW

Demand that parliament pass the same sex marriage act NOW

It is a recognised fact that approximately 70% of the Austraian population agree with same sex marriage. A plebiscite is a total waste of our hard earned money. Parliamentarians represent us all, therefore if 70% of them voted in a free vote, to simply change the wording to 'marriage between two people' 70% of us would be happy. And what possible impact would there be on the other 30%? Answer NONE, but we would save $160 million to be spent on schools, health and infrastructure.

Why is this important?

I have gay relatives who I love very much and would love to be present at their weddings to someone they love, if they so choose to marry. Right now they do not have that right.

Reasons for signing

  • Not one person on this planet has the right to decide if another fellow human being should have equal rights to them - simple really, so just do and stop wasting time and tax payer funds.
  • Please see my associated campaign: We don't need one plebiscite question - We need 10


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