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To: Australian Federal Government

Hope for Single Parent Families

Hope for Single Parent Families

At the beginning of this year, the Federal Government cut payments to 84,000 single parent families, pushing families already struggling every day further into financial despair.

The new reality of $35 a day means constantly choosing between essentials - fresh vegetables, paying the electricity bill or new school shoes.

68% of Australian single parents work - these payments are not any incentive to get people into work but punishment for being a solo parent.

Since the cuts, thousands of families have been pushed deeper into poverty. Many of those who have work find themselves in insecure, casual employment -- the only jobs available for those needing flexible hours for their children.

Show that you care about supporting and strengthening all families by demanding the government stop their punishment and increase their support to those bringing up children alone.

Sign our petition to pressure the government to support single parents and their children.

Why is this important?

With 68% of single parents already working, the cuts to payments has punished these parents for trying to get ahead in life. There is no support for those trying to study to gain better employment, and the cost of childcare has risen, making it even harder to work or study.

Reasons for signing

  • I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. I have a permanent part time job, receive child support, live with my parents and get support from them when needed. However, if I had no other choice but to do it alone, financially, my girls and I would be living in poverty. My petition is for those who have no other choice!
  • Aussie kids are deserving of support.. No child deserves poverty or their main support taken away from them (emotionally, physically and psychologically ) due to a demand and strain with household income.
  • just because Im a single parent.....


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