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To: Legislative Council of NSW- Upper House



To The Honourable The President and Members of the Legislative Council of NSW
Regarding- Crown Land Management Bill 2016

We ask you to support a deferral for at least 6 months to allow the community a proper opportunity to assess its potential impact on its Crown estate."

Why is this important?

It involves 42% of the TOTAL land mass of NSW.

What was previously Crown Land or fell under other Acts such as Common Land, now due to be designated as Crown Land, will at the discretion of The MINISTER, be able to be privatised, leased, sold..... to whoever for whatever purpose.
Previous Crown Land Management Bills have 'reserved' much Crown Land in a way that this is not possible. Public lands were for public use & were intended to be held in perpetuity. All previous protections will be removed with the passing of this new bill, this COMING TUESDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 2016.

It also includes the abolition of Commons, reserve & other Trusts and the Western Lands Advisory Council. This may effect many public spaces such as parks, showgrounds, pony clubs and commons, such as The St Albans Common (pictured). This Common was granted to the early settlers and residents of The Macdonald Valley, just Nth West of Sydney, by Queen Victoria and has been successfully managed since 1824 by valley residents in accordance with the original deed of grant and at no cost to the government.

Think of it this way.... if they were talking about private land.... ask yourself this, "would you be comfortable with having your house land title changed to a license with a mere promise not to revoke it !!!"

Any protection of OUR PUBLIC LAND on this new bill, amounts to no more than this.....

Full bill here...

Reasons for signing

  • C, J Danzzey
  • We ALL own these lands, it is NOT the right of any government to sell off that which belongs to the PEOPLE of NSW.
  • Perhaps this is a plot to deny aboriginal rights


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