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To: Yarra City Council

Cut food waste in Yarra!

Cut food waste in Yarra!

Take immediate action to reduce food waste in Yarra.

Yarra City Council cannot call itself a sustainable city while 50% of domestic waste going to landfill is organic waste, including a large proportion of food waste. Decomposition of organic waste in landfill produces methane, a greenhouse gas with 28 times the global-warming potential of carbon dioxide.

Why is this important?

Objective 1 in the "City of Yarra Waste Strategy 2014-18" is to 'work towards eliminating organics from waste stream'. Current actions will not achieve elimination of green and food waste from Yarra's domestic bins.

Around the world, in other states and other Victorian municipalities there are many successful food waste schemes. We ask that Yarra City Council develop an effective municipality-wide strategy for domestic food waste disposal as a matter of priority.

Reasons for signing

  • Food waste could be turned into useful compost, instead it's tsking up space in landfill and producing methane. Yarra can do better than just advising residents to compost at home.
  • Yarra Council needs to develop a food waste program to provide residents (especially public housing tenants) with the wherewithall (materials and education) to compost food waste.
  • I have seen other councils have food waste recycling schemes and think this should be available to Yarra residents who would like it too


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