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Copacabana Roads Petition

Copacabana Roads Petition

Remedial Work Priority:
The NRMA conducted a survey last year and recorded five roads in Copacabana as being RED spots (Segura, Copacabana, Chico, Oceano and Del Monte), although all roads in Copacabana are in need of repair or improvement.
With support from State Member for Terrigal Mr Adam Crouch and Federal Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks, the Copacabana Community Association, on behalf of residents, are lobbying Gosford Council to prioritise the worse roads and begin to rectify the problems in accordance with a published schedule:
1. Oceano - this is a popular but quite narrow road, and the surface is below par and dangerous when vehicles have to swerve to avoid potholes
2. Del Monte - this is a major thoroughfare for cars, buses, trucks and thousands of pedestrians, particularly during the 5 Lands Walk. The surface is poor, dangerous and in most areas in need of an upgrade to cope with the heavy traffic.
3. Segura Street - this street is also in a constant poor state of repair, with potholes and general neglect.

Why is this important?

The state of the roads in Copacabana is a disgrace. Over the years, the community has seen a piecemeal attempt by Gosford Council to patch-up and repair roads, with no apparent strategy to provide sound, safe roads that are not always in a constant state of repair.
Your signature will provide a clear message that Copacabana residents and ratepayers are not happy and want action.

Reasons for signing

  • I live in Del monte and concerned for its narrowness and almost hitting cars beyond blind corners as most drive in the middle of the road, along with pedestrians and dogs.
  • Our rates continue to rise while our area deteriorates. Time for change!
  • It seems that even though this is a beautiful asset to the Central Coast, Copacabana is always one the last to receive any attention from Gosford Council.


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