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To: James Merlino MP

Commit funding to resolve Belgrave's parking issues

Commit funding to resolve Belgrave's parking issues

Dear Minister Merlino

On behalf of residents of the Dandenong Ranges and small businesses in Belgrave, we appeal to you to address the lack of parking infrastructure in the Belgrave township which is having a significant detrimental effect on the ability of Belgrave businesses to survive and prosper.

Why is this important?

Belgrave is the ECONOMIC HEART of the Dandenong Ranges; a town which plays home to many much needed services including Centrelink, the local library, a local cinema, the soon to open Belgrave Community Hub as well as many small businesses and Victoria's premier tourist destination; Puffing Billy.

Belgrave township is also located at the END OF THE 'Belgrave' Metro LINE.

A consequence of this being that residents from across the Dandenong Ranges, from as far afield as Monbulk, Emerald and Olinda, use Belgrave as a day parking facility whilst commuting to the city. However, as Belgrave commuter numbers has significantly increased - allocated train station parking is at full capacity. Commuters are then forced to park in 'all day' street parking areas - leaving no available parking for customers of the established businesses in Belgrave.

Furthermore, Belgrave's parking challenges are being seriously stretched by day visitors to PUFFING BILLY. With significant funding committed by the State Government to develop this local asset, Puffing Billy visitor numbers are expected to increase three fold from 260,000 p.a in 2012 to 484,000 in 2017 and an anticipated 700,000 visitors by 2022. Yet no consideration has been given as to how Belgrave may accommodate this significant increase of visitor numbers and the further pressure placed on on already overstretched parking.

The ultimate impact of this lack of parking is that many residents of the Dandenong Ranges ARE UNABLE TO TO VISIT OR SUPPORT THE BUSINESSES OF BELGRAVE.

We urge the State Government to urgently commit funding to address this issue by moving the current train station further along the line (behind the Cameo Cinema) thereby freeing up large sections of land for additional parking. In addition, the building of a multi layered carpark upon this land would alleviate this serious problem catering for the growth in Metro commuters and Puffing Billy visitors whilst leaving parking for the customers of Belgrave businesses.

Reasons for signing

  • As a local it's impossible on most days to find a park, to shop in and support local businesses. Let alone pick up a parcel from the post office! Having to drive off the mountain just to buy basic groceries is ridiculous! Parking in Belgrave desperately needs resolving.
  • I'm committed to buying locally to support local businesses to maintain & strengthen our community
  • I want to support local businesses but often can't because I can't get a car park, so I go elsewhere.


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