To: Council of Australian Governments meeting in April 2013

Coca Cola Vs National Deposit Scheme (10 cent)- Federal Court Action

Coca Cola Vs National Deposit Scheme (10 cent)- Federal Court Action

The Council of Australian Governments will consider a nationwide deposit scheme for drink containers at its meeting in April 2013.

In light of Coca Cola's attack on the North Territory Government's container deposit scheme, we call on all State and Federal Government Environment Ministers to support and advocate for the roll-out of a Nationwide 10 cent deposit on all drink containers at the April 2013 meeting of the Council of Australian Governments.

The South Australian scheme has been operating successfully since 1977 with 80.4% of all containers sold being returned in 2010-11.

The Northern Territory's scheme has been operating since January 2012 and now Coca Cola is dragging the NT Government to the Federal Court commencing Tuesday 19 February 2013.

It's time to stop the rot!

Why is this important?

The undue influence of Coca Cola and the beverage industry over a national roll-out of this important recycling and public litter reduction initiative has delayed a nation wide program for the recycling of drink containers in Australia since 1977.

In South Australia, where the scheme has been operating since 1977, the numbers speak for themselves.

The South Australian Environment Protection Authority advises that in 2010-11 South Australians returned approximately 47,000 tonnes or 593 million beverage containers to recycling depots in SA. The overall return rate for this period was 80.4%.

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Reasons for signing

  • Encourage more people to recycle :)
  • Let's encourage recycling. Container deposits have worked well in Sth Aust for decades.
  • The litter difference between SA and other states is remarkable. Coca Cola are irresponsible.