To: Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke.

Close and Relocate All Toxic Dumps in Ipswich

Close and Relocate All Toxic Dumps in Ipswich

Dear Prime Minister and Minister,
We are requesting, as a matter of urgency, that the federal government introduce environmental law which would protect residents across Australia from living in close proximity to landfills, the contents of which, include asbestos and noxious and hazardous materials and waste. We are also requesting that environmental law be introduced which would guarantee independent regular air and soil testing be carried out on all landfills across Australia.

Why is this important?

Ipswich is home to several toxic landfills, two of which are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest toxic dump in the Southern Hemisphere, which is in New Chum, currently receives unlimited amounts of asbestos and toxic chemicals and waste such as untreated medical waste, arsenic and cyanide. This landfill is within hundreds of metres of residents homes, recreation areas and schools. Both local government and state environmental law allows for the continuation of the toxic landfills. Eclipsing federal environmental law is required in order for all toxic landfills to be closed down and relocated.
It has come to our attention that Ipswich residents are not alone in desperately wanting environmental protection, from inappropriately located toxic landfills, from the federal government.
Please listen and respond to our concerns. As Australians, we should have the legal and moral right to protection from medically harmful, life-style shattering toxic environments. We should have the right to protect our families, children and ourselves from avoidable and unnecessary harm.