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To: The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Climate levy for Paris Accord cowards

Climate levy for Paris Accord cowards

Dear Prime Minister,

Should the USA pull out of the Paris Accord, we urge the Australian government to impose a climate levy on all trade and financial transactions to and from the US.

We also ask that the Australian government urge the EU and China to do likewise.

Andrew Speirs - for a fair world

Why is this important?

Our children and grandchildren will have to survive the dire impact of climate change.

Already the impact of Global Warming is effecting our:
Health – air quality, extreme weather
Food supply – farms, water, weather, energy
Shelter & Jobs – pollution, energy,
Industry – tourism, land produce, education

The rest of the world will have to pay for the share of carbon pollution the US is refusing to accept responsibility for. The US is the world’s biggest economy and the world’s second biggest carbon polluter.

This means our children and grandchildren, and our industry will be paying very dearly for the belligerent sort-sightedness and self-interest of the USA.


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