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To: Australian people

Climate Emergency Declaration

Climate Emergency Declaration

The Australian people want our National Parliament to act in unity and declare a Climate Emergency for this country.

Why is this important?

As in time of war, huge sacrifices will need to be made, and resources mobilised to halt Co2 emissions and protect the nation’s future and our planet home. Let’s join together as one people and do whatever it takes to stop this impending disaster!


Reasons for signing

  • Status confirmed: I have: read, approved of, supported, signed, and shared this cause, campaign, daily action, and petition. These actions were taken upon Monday, the 07th of October 2019. My signature is counted as the numbered: #78th signature of this petition. This information has been typed for record(s) maintenance purpose(s). O:-|
  • climate change has and is a rising issue that the government refuses to recognize, we need to take a stand now.
  • I have signed because I have never been comfortable with denial and ignorance.


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