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To: Hon Jenny Macklin MP - Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Child support payments are grossly miscalculated.

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Karen Smith

Dear minister,
I implore you to take the time to investigate, develop and implement a more reasonable basis on which to calculate child support payment amounts.
It is time to change the way that child support payments are calculated. Calculating a support payment based on a gross income is unreasonable and in alot of cases it unnecessarily puts stress on our ability to support ourselves .
We do not take home the tax we pay so how can we be expected to continue to have support payments calculated in this way.

Kind regards
Paying parent

Why is this important?

There needs to be a more reasonable and fairer way to calculate child support payment amounts. Currently it is calculated on a gross income, before tax. This has been the practice for many years and it is wrong and there must be a better way.
I believe that there is: It should be after we pay tax not before, as this reflects the true amount we have at our disposal for bills, food, clothing and child support etc. We can't pay with money that we don't receive every week.
I am referring to all of the paying parents who are struggling, working hard, to make ends meet while still meeting the commitment to pay child support for their children.
This is not about letting people off with not paying. Every parent of a child/children has the responsibility to help pay for the child/children's future. It just needs to be based on the real money in our pockets.
I, like many others, have no issue with paying my fair share to support my child. I do take offence when my and my families ability to afford to live is impacted upon because of the way the payments are calculated. I don't make mortgage payments, pay school fees or buy groceries with the tax I pay, I pay for all of this with my take home income.


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