To: Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull

#changethedate Malcolm Turnbull! MARCH 3 AUSTRALIA DAY

#changethedate Malcolm Turnbull! MARCH 3 AUSTRALIA DAY

Please Change the date of Australia Day from January 26 to March 3.

On March 3rd 1986, Queen Elizabeth II made her royal assent in Australia for the The Australia Act. Signed on March 2 by Queen Elizabeth II and PM Bob Hawke to be enacted simultaneously in Australia and the UK on March 3rd 1986.

This made Australia a sovereign, independent and federal nation. This was the first time Australia was declared independent! That's something we can all celebrate. I can't stand another Invasion Day! Survival Day is an important day too, but not one for celebration of Australia!

Let's #changethedate. Please sign the petition

Why is this important?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and all Australians can't currently celebrate Australia Day on January 26. It's a date for white settlement and 'Invasion' from 1788. We must change the date. It's vital to move Australia forward! #changethedate to March 3rd

Reasons for signing

  • because it makes so much sense
  • I think it makes no sense to celebrate a day that built from someone's painful past.


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Some people will ask about Labour Day. This is celebrated on different dates in each State of Australia, so let's unite on May 1st for Labour Day's across Australia to avoid possible conflict for some states.,3373

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