To: A referendum would probably be required - so All Australians

Change the Political System in Australia

Change the Political System in Australia

As the recently held Getup Get Together, we spoke about all the usual issues like climate change, refugees/ asylum seekers, education and tax/ mining tax/ climate tax.

But at the end of the day, we thought the reason we have these issues at all is due to the political system being less transparent than ever. The engagement levels being low across the board and politics being more of a sideshow* than a system of public debate for the greater good.

So we came up with these top 3 issues for the upcoming Federal election:

1. We want to be able to vote for the issues not individual personalities or political parties.
2. We want a system that holds politicians to account for their promises and sanctions implemented for politicians that lie. This includes honest costings of promises.
3. Pressure the media to stop sensationalising the news and report on the issues, the hard stories and stop focussing on the personalities.

If you support these issues too, please sign this, and when you vote this federal election, think about the issues more than the personalities of Julia vs Tony

*as Lindsay Tanner wrote...

Why is this important?

If we stopped politicking and started paying attention to the issues we could evolve into a great country, wealthy in knowledge and ability (not just minerals) and take ownership of our decisions as a country.
Lets vote for a better system, to later on actually be able to have a say in what decisions are made in Canberra on our behalf.

How it will be delivered

Supporters of this petition will both be delivered to politicians across Australia (electronically) but also become a part of the new system!

Reasons for signing

  • We need politicians interested in supporting the average australian and not just their high earning colleagues.
  • sick of pollies rorting the system...this must....must stop!
  • When I watch question time as broadcast from Australian parliment,it becomes obvious,that our elected government system is not working.